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Cursed to Golf was developed by Chuhai Labs. The game is a fantastic story of a player who finds himself trapped in golf purgatory after being involved in an accident that takes him out of an international tournament just when he is about to make a winning shot.


The player takes up the character of a golfer and has to return to the land of the living and to the game which he was taken out from. He can do this by playing Golf at the golf purgatory. He can only play through the devious courses that he must finish based on the pars he has left. However, this can be replenished if you hit silver or gold statues in the golfing dungeons. You can also fill par by using cards, so ensure you collect as many cards as possible.

Players can purchase a lot of things at the shop. They can earn money after getting the golf ball on the hole. The shop also has a binder, which doesn’t cost money. The binder holds cards and can only hold forty cards at each moment.


It is hard to see the primary line of sight while teeing off the hole. However, using Birdie View is essential as it will enable you to analyze the whole stage. Each hole has multiple ways of tackled. Check out for dynamite blasting areas, and then plan a route.

Select the club from which you would like to play Golf from. If you are on the rough grass, select the iron club or the Wedge club if there is a hole or a possibility of a new opportunity. If you are afraid to explore the game, use practice cards instead. This card allows you to experiment with anything you are unsure of. Testing the outcome of your game on multiple clubs on the same level of grass gives you a clear picture of how to play the game much easier next time you get into it.


The player should assess the path they are on keenly. One way might have more holes to play through than the other. The players path should take is also limited to how many pars they have left. If you have enough money and are in good health, choose a path with the closest shops.

Do not sink the golf ball into a pond or stick it in the sand, as this will slow down your game. Also, avoid stages with gravestones, as getting close to them can lead to skeletons stealing the golf ball. Cursed steps marked with skulls along the path/route limit the players to hit the ball only on the left.

Boost your binder by making the first ten rounds of golf practice runs. Practice the game at the driving range, which will cause no harm. The good thing with the Cursed to Golf game is that players have access to dummy cards that help them practice the game before actual play. Learn how to spin the ball forward and backward, as these moves will be helpful to you when you get into an actual game as well.


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