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How Medical Massage Can Improve Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure

Medical massage therapy can benefit those with cardiovascular issues through techniques that boost blood flow, improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and help decrease blood pressure. Here are some ways massaging specialized techniques can help your heart.

Increased Circulation

Medical massage uses long, gliding strokes and compression to stimulate circulation in superficial and deep layers of tissues. This increased flow:

•Delivers more oxygen to vital organs like the heart and brain

•Transports more nutrients to tissues for healing and repair

•Moves lymph fluid more efficiently to remove metabolic waste

•Carries away more carbon dioxide and other metabolic byproducts

Together these effects enhance oxygenation and cleansing throughout the body, including the cardiovascular system.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Both during and between sessions, massage therapy can help decrease elevated blood pressure through:

•Reduced levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline

-Stretching of arteries improves arterial compliance-Relaxed arteries require less pressure to transport blood

•Increased production of nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to dilate

•Improvements in autonomic nervous system function that lowers sympathetic nervous system activity

Normalization of blood pressure offers protection against damage to organs and reduction in cardiovascular health risks.


Medical Massage as Natural Heart Therapy

By loosening tight muscles, releasing myofascial trigger pointsincreasing blood flow and decreasing stress levels, regular medical massage sessions offer natural heart therapy that:

• Improves the efficiency of blood circulation throughout the body

• Reduces risk factors for heart conditions like atherosclerosis and hypertension

• Promotes relaxation of arterial walls for improved blood flow and reduced pressure

• Optimizes delivery of nutrients and oxygen directly to the cardiovascular system

If you have heart issues like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis or irregular heartbeat, consult with a medical massage therapist who can develop a customized regimen targeted at improving your cardiac health and wellbeing.

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