The walking dead is an adventure game that was published and developed by Telltale Games. It talks about the invasion of a zombie apocalypse. The game was based on Lee, The main character, who is involved in an accident when transported to prison. He manages to seek shelter in a suburban home, where he meets a girl named Clementine. The girl’s parents had gone to savannah. Lee and Clementine have to try every tactic to survive the zombies, who are referred to as the ‘The Walkers’.

The game allows the players to interact with one another and their surrounding environment. They can share items they have or talk about them during the game. These interactions aid in plot development. They also have a limited time in which they can respond to the player they are interacting with, which can affect the game’s storyline as well. The responses in this game are pretty ambiguous as they can change how non-players view lee.


To survive the game, the player should: get rid of the walkers by stabbing them in the heads. This can be horrific, but it is the only were to have them dead.


Another survivor tactic is to ensure that your movements are quiet to avoid alarming the zombies of your whereabouts as they get attracted to noise and sounds. This will also help you get as close as possible to them and execute your stabbing mission.


Make sure that you travel light. Discard any item you feel is useless and only carry essentials such as food, weapons, and medicine bottles in your backpack.


If you find zombies near you and have no weapon in your hand, grab them by the head and push them off or onto others. This cause many of them to come tumbling down, giving you enough time to escape, reach out for a knife or open your backpack and get out the items you feel are of help. Also, ensure to improvise weapons of your own such as getting a sharp object by breaking a bottle.

The walking dead game allows you to try out some of its locomotion, such as having a player escape through the window or mantle over the walls.


At the start of the game, you will have a wristwatch to help you track the time. It will beep to notify you that you are running out of time. When you find yourself in danger with zombies everywhere around your location, get on top of the car and fight them back with a melee.


The concept of death is vital in this game. The players are warned that Lee will die if they do not make decisions on time. It is quite ironic for players to think they can only die after being bitten and infected by zombies. The recantation in this game shows that those who have come back after death all return as zombies regardless of how they died. The game ends in a dilemma when Clementine has two options: to shoot Lee or kill herself.


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