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Weird Rules in Different Sports

We’re taught to play by the rules. But what if those rules are ridiculous? Do we still follow them?

Just like any other field, submitting to rules and guidelines remains constant for “Sports”.

When you start playing a game, the main things you learn are the standards:

  • You can’t simply run with the ball, you have to dribble. ●      You can’t involve your hands in soccer.
  • You can’t handle the quarterback too hard in the NFL.

However, there are a few other weird rules( that you had no idea about) in Sports that we will be discussing in this article.

Weird Rules in Different Sports Basketball:

Source: Biography

  • No punching of the ball. While kicking the ball is a severe and fair rule in the game, the NBA has presented an odd rule of not punching the ball.
  • The 6th man can play except if spotted by the referee. In the NBA, there is a bizarre decision that on the off chance that a group has handled six players, the 6th player can proceed to play and even score, until the ref has spotted it and retouched the mistake, by granting the culpable group a specialized foul.
  • While wrongdoers in any game are punished for submitting fouls, the NBA, as well, has a different rule; if a group doesn’t have five physically fit players in a match, because of injury or being shipped off, the following player who submits a foul can remain in the game.
  • While breaks are a solid component in any game, there isn’t generally a requirement for the equivalent, particularly when a group is performing great. Be that as it may, the NBA has this strange rule set up for taking compulsory four breaks and saving one for the final quarter.
  • The Jump Ball is a component in the game, used to continue to play following a constrained stoppage during mid-match. However, there is a strange rule, which expresses that the Jump Ball should start with the players confronting the crate expected to be taken shots at. Neglecting to do such, the ref requires a foul in no less than 24 seconds, as the play is restarted.


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  • Players are permitted to serve underarm as it can assist with scoring the point.
  • Players aren’t allowed to go over or contact the net with a racquet.
  • Players are not permitted to contact the ball till the point is finished.
  • A player shouldn’t hit the ball into anything then the net or court before it lands.
  • A player is denied purposefully tossing a racket.
  • A player shouldn’t whiff the ball while serving.
  • A player isn’t allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball assuming the ball skips his/her side of the court.
  • A player is permitted to hit the ball across the net. It is illicit to hit through the net.
  • A player’s racket shouldn’t cross the plane of the net.
  • While swinging, a player is permitted to hit the ball two times, unexpectedly.
  • A player is permitted to stand anyplace on or outside the court aside from when he is serving.
  • During the game, a player can require around 20 seconds break (inside limits) between focused sets and games.
  • It is contrary to the standard to utilize the ball to clear off sweat. Source: triviasharp Volleyball:

Source: Wikipedia

  • Stepping on or across the helpline while serving or connecting with the ball is a violation.
  • Players can’t  reach the ball unlawfully (twofold contacting, lifting, conveying, tossing, and so forth.)
  • Players are not permitted to contact the net with any piece of the body while the ball is in play.
  • Going after a ball coming from the rival’s court and reaching the ball while coming over to the net when the ball has not yet broken the upward plane of the net is not allowed. Source: theartofcoachingvolleyball.com Football:

Source: Wikipedia

  • On a goal-kick, the ball doesn’t need to leave the 18-yard box to be in play. The ball is in play once the goalie contacts it and it moves position.
  • If you throw the ball directly into the goal post, it won’t be considered a goal.
  • A soccer match won’t begin if there are no corner banners set up.
  • Goalkeepers can only grasp the ball for 6 seconds.
  • Truth be told, you can pass the ball to a partner from an extra shot.
  • Passing from punishment can be a decent method for surprising the resistance.
  • As a punishment, you can’t contact the ball two times. In this way, you can’t take a touch and afterwards shoot the ball into the goal. Punishment should be taken with one touch, the shot.
  • You can’t set up your back pass to the goalie.
  • While watching soccer, you’ll frequently see players back pass to the goalie with their head or chest. Source: Soccerblade.com Golf:

Source: Wikipedia

  • If in any event, the player’s ball lies in a hazard, the bug is viewed as in peril and the player may not touch or eliminate the bug from the ball.
  • If your ball stops close to a cactus, you might enclose an arm or leg with a towel to shield yourself from the needles when you play your shot. However, you can’t cover the desert flora with a towel.
  • Assuming a whirlwind moves your ball, you can play it from its new position. However, assuming that misleadingly pushed air moves your ball, you must replace it without penalty.
  • If a player’s shot winds up in the clubhouse, and the clubhouse isn’t too far out, you can open an entryway or window and play the following shot without penalty.
  • You can’t put a water bottle on a green and use it as a level to decide how a putt will break.

Other Weird Sports Rules:

  • Female wrestlers can’t wear underwire bras. Likewise, all wrestlers should have a cloth convenience.
  • In race-walking, you should keep one foot on the ground consistently. But, it’s generally broken. Because who might need to watch feet day in and day out
  • You can’t change soccer goalies in a shootout, except if a poor goalie is injured.
  • Assuming that a thrown baseball is held up into the umpire’s cover, all sprinters advance one base.
  • In acrobatics, your bra and clothing need to either be naked shaded or a similar variety as your leotard.
  • In showjumping, horses can’t have cuts on their legs. As per prevalent thinking, this assists the pony with jumping higher.
  • Let the treats be the point at which you’re playing water polo. Any contact or snatching of the crotch is the reason for expulsion. Additionally, you can’t sprinkle water on your rival’s face.
  • If you take your shirt off during a foot race, you’re excluded.


According to sports rec, Rules provide an agreement of understanding to competition. In sports, rules define what is allowed or not allowed to occur during situations on and off the court. Rules govern anything from wearing proper uniforms to how to keep score during games of different levels of competition.

Regardless of how ridiculous they sound, players, coaches and officials should abide by the regulations.

Please leave a comment if we missed any of the weird rules you’ve encountered.