Stray is an adventure game that every cat lover needs to play because it will make you imitate a cat’s life in meowing and sleeping, scratching the barks of the trees and couches, and being curious enough to put a head in a bag. All these actions elicit a reaction in the game. Stray was published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Blue Twelve Studio. The game is about cybercrimes and their effects on society. The audience can see the moral decadence through the eyes of a stray cat that has founded alone, lost, and separated from its family. The cat’s new environment is full of dangerous creatures and curious droids. The walled city is full of mutant bacteria and is controlled by robots. It is threatening, and the cat fears for its life, but it has to play smart to survive. The game tends to unveil what happened to humans in this city and how the robots got to live a luxurious lifestyle here instead.

The players’ main goal is to control the stray cat by helping it to climb over obstacles and jump across platforms. They can get the help of a drone called B-12, which allows them hack into technology to solve puzzles and translates other characters’ languages. B-12 also has a storage area to keep items found in this walled city and provides light in the dark streets of the town. It also has a memory space full of detailed information. This information is vital as it gives more details about the world they are currently in. some of the memories are unlocked and can only be revealed once the story proceeds. The players must escape from Zurks, the mutated bacteria, before it gets into the cat and devours it. Then there is Sentiles, a drone that shoots at the players when it spots them. However, the player’s drone (B-12) has a defluxor attachment that can be used to destroy Zurks. This must be used for the shortest time possible to avoid overheating the drone. If this happens, you will need to charge B-12 for a while. To stay safe from the Sentinels, stay away from their sight lines which is shown by glowing lights.

Stray and B-12 meet with Momo, who tasks them with finding his friends and figuring a way to get pastthe zurk invasion. Stray discovered a company called narco cooperation which invented a bacterial to help them get rid of the organic waste but instead, it evolved into zurks. The zurks love metals and are threatening to devour the robots. They meet the doctor who has invented a device that would aid in destroying Zurks. Stray and B-12 discover what happened to all humans within the walled city. B-12 remembers how his family was murdered, and he could not help. He gets motivated to find a way to save themselves and rescue the city. Using mechanical power, B-12  overrides the security control and is able to open the walled city.

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